Start of Diet Delayed for 2 Days

>> Saturday, October 17, 2009

I was supposed to start my South Beach Diet on Mon, Oct 12. I ended up starting it on Wed, Oct 14. Some challenges I faced which caused the delay:

* WORKPLACE FOOD. A colleague who just arrived from India after a 2week vacation brought a box of Indian sweets. On Monday morning, that's what met me at the office. Waah - what to do? I remember that it was me who requested for him to do that. I did the right thing, I got a piece. It was great. On my way home for lunch, I stopped by his desk again and got 2 pieces.

* LEFTOVERS. The previous day, Sunday, we had a gathering at our place for the birthday of a friend. I thought that I could eat my "last supper" since the next day, I was starting on my diet anyway. So eat I did until I was bloated-ly full. What I didn't anticipate was the left-overs in the fridge. We ended up eating those on Monday and Tuesday.

* LACK OF PREPARATION. On Tuesday, we ran out of South Beach foods. My wife had to restock the fridge. This is no way to start a diet.

But, I'm writing this as I am on my Day 4. Not bad. It's the ending that counts.


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