Diet Reset...

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

I will have to restart my South Beach diet starting this week. I have compromised it in the past 2 weeks and I didn't get the desired results. Two challenges I had were due to gatherings - and I couldn't help my food intake.

1. House Blessing - a friend's family bought their 1st house and we were there for the house blessing. I couldn't stay away from the desserts and I even had several glasses of soda.

2. Halloween Get-together - our family got together with friends from high school and spent the evening after treat-or-trick around the kitchen. The food was great while exchanging stories. I left the party bloated, and knowing my South Beach diet went down the drain.

STILL, I'm not giving up. I can only pick up myself and start over again. The good thing is that I am exercising now, going to the gym 3 times / week the past 2 weeks. I hope I can keep this up.


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